DSC02111Julie Fontenot Drouin is the owner and managing agent of Drouin Cruises, LLC. She has cruised for nearly three decades and loves-loves-loves this type of travel. Initial clients were friends and family. She is now working with fourth generation referrals.

Daily adventures can be found anywhere in the world with pre-arranged land packages. Julie’s favorite tour was an African safari in Kenya. You can read about it and other memorable trips under the FAQ section. Because of her extensive travel and working with many clients over the years – Julie brings a wealth of education to your doorstep and handles each booking with genuine interest and personal attention to detail.

Whether the best vacation fit for you is a cruise at sea, river cruise in Europe, or an exciting journey to lands far away – just remember the old adage “the world is your oyster”. It’s true. Vast continents are yours to explore in this 21st century – easily accessible by ocean and air. Let Drouin Cruises help you see this amazing planet, and hey – maybe you’ll get to enjoy a few of those oysters along the way.

Drouin Nexion Award 2

Julie Drouin was the 2015 recipient of the Nexion Ambassador Award and invited to join the President’s Circle Celebration in Maui, Hawaii. She and Rene’ enjoyed the free trip!

Ambassador Award

This award is presented each year to an agent who displays exemplary leadership skills, supports preferred suppliers, gives back to his/her community, actively helps other agents in the field, someone who is engaged in many of Nexion’s programs and is an individual with character and integrity who truly exemplifies what it means to be a partner in the travel industry.

Circle of Excellence

Julie was honored to qualify for this award both in 2016 and 2017.  She met the required standard of sales set forth by Nexion making her a member of their top agents. 


The input of a Board of Directors is important to any established business. Julie finds meeting with hers as often as possible is time well spent. They give her valuable advice, insight and ideas (especially in regards to children’s programs.) They range in age from three months to eight years old. Please meet this most distinguished group of grandchildren. 

Board of Directors