Exceptional Service

Oh my goodness, we had such an awesome family vacation with our children and grandchildren!! Near perfect. Your assistance helped to make it so much more so. Thank you, thank you for everything. Your suggestions on cabins and proximity and placement helped us tremendously. You really did think outside the box! Our adult children and their families found your travel tips most helpful.

We definitely will use you again on any and all future cruise endeavors and sing your praises to anyone who plans to cruise. The lanyards were very much appreciated and well used by all — thank you. I’m so glad my sister recommended you to us!

-J. Gonzales, San Antonio, Texas

After my parents used Drouin Cruises and raved about working with Julie, I reached out for help planning a Disney Cruise. I was hesitant to get a room with a balcony because I was concerned about safety with my two kids. Julie advised me to reserve the upgraded room with the balcony since they fill up faster, and then I could switch to a lower cost room later on if I changed my mind. We were so glad we had the balcony room! The extra space was nice and we felt completely safe with our 6 and 8 year olds.

Julie was also very helpful in advising us about excursions and what to do on board the ship. She sent us decorated pillowcases with markers for all the Disney characters to sign for our kids. The girls loved them and that is something I would not have thought of on my own. Thank you Julie, for helping to plan what was our first family vacation. We had the best time and will definitely be planning another Disney Cruise in our future.

-M. Campbell, Des Moines, Iowa

Drouin Cruises was whom we used to book our first family Disney cruise and we absolutely loved it! Julie is the perfect blend of warm and professional offering friendly, knowledgeable service and I loved working with her. She helped us with everything from choosing the best cabin for our family to what to pack for the trip. Julie gave us tips to get the most out of our cruise and even made our kids personalized pillowcases and shared an easy way to get them signed by characters without having to wait in line at each character appearance.

There’s so much information on the web when it comes to vacation planning but Julie’s personalized service helped me sort through it all. And because of her extensive knowledge she took care of details that I wouldn’t even have thought of. Because of our experience with this agency – we plan to use Drouin Cruises for our family vacations in the future.

-S. and K. Friesen, Austin, Texas

My birthday cruise with two girlfriends was made enjoyable by Julie Drouin taking care of details we didn’t even know needed cared for! She helped direct us from the best cabin choice to dining arrangements and much more. Our trip was flawless thanks to Julie. We look forward to cruising again and will most certainly use the services of Drouin Cruises.

-Becky G, Longview, Texas

I highly recommend Drouin Cruises. Julie is truly a cruise expert and is so knowledgeable about ships and lines. She thinks of every detail and excels in customer care, both of which are important to me as a widow. She is so patient with all my questions, and I know I am in good hands with Julie. I have booked four trips with Drouin Cruises to everywhere from the Caribbean to Alaska and have loved each and every one! She even encouraged me to try Oceania Cruises, which is now my favorite line. I can’t wait to sail with Oceania again and go on another adventure arranged by Julie.

-K. Harrison, Cedar Park, Texas

My husband and I have used Julie Drouin to book several cruises for us in the last few years and we will not use anyone else. She is very thorough and prompt in answering questions, very responsive to our request for information and has gone beyond being just someone to schedule our trips. Julie checks for the best deals even after booking and takes a personal interest what we desire for our vacation. By the time we are ready to travel, we can rest assured that all travel arrangements are in order thanks to her direction and help. In each case, because of Julie’s personal touch, our experiences have gone beyond our expectations. We have recommended her to our friends and family and will continue to do so; we are very satisfied customers.

-R. & D. Fontenot, Opelousas, Louisiana

By working with Julie Drouin to plan our 40th anniversary Caribbean dream-come-true cruise, our experience was as promised–exceptional! She helped us pick the perfect itinerary for our budget and areas of interest. Then Julie guided us with valuable insights during the planning, packing, and traveling process and blessed us with unexpected upgrades at a low cost along the way.

We felt like she “had our back” every step of the way. We’ve referred Julie to other family members and friends who also are now singing her praises. We can’t wait until Drouin Cruises plans our next adventure at sea.

-N. Alvarez, San Antonio, Texas

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Travel the World

My husband and I love to travel and have been blessed to see much of the world. We have always done our own travel research, bookings, confirmations, etc. and are fully aware it can be extremely time consuming and be such a hassle, but that was before we knew Julie Drouin and Drouin Cruises!

This agency has helped us with such a wide array of travel arrangements: from domestic trips to international, from Disney World to Cairo, Egypt to a fabulous African safari! Julie is the quintessential travel expert and truly goes the extra mile for her clients. She’s thorough, dedicated and so professional while also being very accommodating to work with. She tenacious as well and that often pays off for her clients—through her dedication and patience, she was able to get our family a complimentary dining plan (worth several hundred dollars) when we traveled to Disney World in 2012.

Julie is the type of professional travel agent that is there for her clients before, during and after the trip is over. She’s very ethical, hard working, creative and delightful to work with. We would never considering using another travel agent or going back to doing all the travel orchestrating ourselves now that we’ve got Julie and Drouin Cruises in our lives.

-M. Fenelon, Dripping Springs, TX

Having cruised over 20 times, we found this agency to be on top of their game. Julie Drouin has earned our business as our new travel agent for cruises and other types of vacations. She continued checking for deals and extras even after the booking was complete and kept us up to date on any changes as our last cruise was in and out of Colon, Panama. Julie went the extra mile to assure my family’s vacation was what anyone would expect for their own family – personal. We have already begun planning our next big vacation with Julie for an African Safari; thank you Drouin Cruises!

-T. Allensworth, Chappaqua, New York

When my husband and I decided to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in Hawaii, I was so glad I asked Julie to book it for us. Booking with Julie is more like friends sitting down to dream about the possibilities and working together to make it happen. I know the vacation itself is the goal, but the planning and preparing stage was actually a lot of fun and stress free. Julie listened carefully to what my husband and I wanted, then set about getting exactly that. Her commitment to getting the details we wanted at the price we requested was very obvious. I felt like she was actually enjoying the process of booking as much as we will be enjoying the vacation!

-R. Davis, Austin, Texas

Drouin Cruises was such a huge help to our group in planning our Mediterranean cruise around Spain. Even though we never met Julie it felt like we’d known her forever. She”s so easy to work with and our concerns were answered with such poise and grace. We are a group who had not cruised before until this very memorable trip.

Julie advised us on many things. One being when to reserve excursions and culinary classes (Oceania/Riviera) which assured us a spot to all be together making for such a fun event. Incidentally, when I went on line to add another class later, they were all sold out. So glad we listened to her and did it early! One of the best things Julie did was help us move from a balcony cabin to a Penthouse suite. Because she alerted our group right away on the ‘first come, first serve upgrade specials’ some of us were able to take advantage of those offers at a deeply discounted price. Without an agent who moved quickly we’d never have had this chance.

Drouin Cruises is one in a million and Julie seems to enjoy helping us no matter when we call; she certainly goes above and beyond. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate her personal service and we will definitely be coming back to Drouin Cruises. We’re thankful for everything!

-L. & D. Harting, MD, Cleveland, Tennessee

My husband decided to surprise me on our 22nd year anniversary with a life time dream of mine – to cruise the Panama Canal. Fortunately, very early on in the planning process Julie convinced him to include me knowing I would enjoy that part almost as much as the trip. I was speechless to say the least; anticipation can be half the fun (ok – maybe 20%.) My husband is a sweetie! And because he knows what brings me the most joy – he included a few more passengers to join our cruise; our daughter/husband along with our four grand daughters aging from 6 to 13. Oh, and also my 86 year old mother. Did I mention I was speechless which is very rare for me? Absolutely 16 days of cruising bliss with the family I love!

Booking with Drouin Cruises really guided us through decisions from which cruise line would work best for our family group with various ages to what kind of cabins and placement on the ship. I cannot completely tell you how wonderful of an experience and ease the planning and preparation process was because of Drouin Cruises. Thank you Julie for all you have done – you are the best!

-F. & J. Leiss, Austin, Texas

Julie Drouin helped us plan an intimidating trip. My in-laws wanted us to join them for a 33- day South America Cruise. We had never done such a long one before and additionally we had to join the cruise that had already been in progress a month, in Buenos Aires. Julie’s guidance, advice and good judgment took all the fear and problems out of our planning. The cruise was fabulous because of her personal caring and service and planning.

In addition to this long cruise she helped us with a much shorter cruise to Europe but on a cruise line not originating or ending in the United Sates. She was able to explain the intricacies of international travel as the pro she is and helped us evaluate the cruise line and make the arrangements. It was also a perfect trip because of the careful and detailed planning. Julie is a wonderful mixture of a perfectionist but one who is able to communicate both care and confidence—and be right about it all. We will use her again and again if we so fortunate as to be able to cruise in the future.

-J. McIlhaney, Jr., MD, Plano, Texas

Drouin Cruises was such a huge help to me when I wanted to book a cruise to New Zealand. Julie found me a price that I could not believe and then she kept checking with the cruise line for possible upgrades and extra goodies. She helped me with the airline travel associated with the cruise line and in working with them – helped them find the best possible connections. Oh my gosh when it came time to go on the cruise I was so prepared, thanks to Julie! We liked Celebrity very much and it was our second time on that line. I would certainly use Drouin Cruises again.

-J Armstrong, Wimberly, Texas

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Care of Transferred Bookings

Although I booked online, it was in enough time to easily transfer my booking to Drouin Cruises. In doing so it felt like Julie became our personal concierge. Once she took over, I was so surprised when she called me out of the blue to say she found a special, which made our price drop. Because she kept an eye out for us we were able to save money on our dream Disney cruise. I was taking my parents along and so wanted it to go smoothly for them, as it was their first cruise experience.

Julie worked with their special needs and as a result my mom and dad thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. I found with all the many details involved in cruising – every ‘t’ was crossed and every ‘i’ dotted by Julie. The i’s were even heart-shaped because of the love she put into our vacation. I’m excited to begin planning my 25th anniversary cruise to Alaska with Drouin Cruises. I totally trust Julie’s experience on ships and the adventures to be had at sea!

-S. Constant, Austin, Texas

Last November, my parents blessed us with a Disney cruise for our entire family (16 total.) I am very organized so initially handled the booking for all of us – reading everything I could put my hands on. We learned about Drouin Cruises several weeks later and after a few in-depth conversations, decided to transfer our booking to this agency. With four families scattered across the US – we welcomed a lot of help with various needs – one being my sister in Idaho as her family wanted to add on a Universal Studios package.

Another unexpected turn came when we decided to take our foreign exchange student from Germany on the cruise – Julie was a big help in working out those details. A week before our cruise – she was able to move our room to adjoining cabins so my family wasn’t separated as the ship was sold out. Though the majority of our communication was on the Internet and phone – it was fun to be able to meet in person last fall.

I had no idea there were so many details and phone calls to be made even after the booking – I work full time and it was so nice that someone else was on hold for 30 minutes at a time with Disney. Admittedly, we were initially skeptical in transferring our booking; but now I can say without a doubt we were blessed beyond measure by doing so.

-L. Morgan, Amarillo, Texas

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